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Online media is a convenient industry that has changed the face of publishing and advertising over the years, and taken the world by storm. Below is an explanation of what online media is, offering insight into why it has achieved immense success world wide.

Online Media
What Is Online Media?
There is no doubt about it, the internet has revolutionised the world of media (television, print and radio) and advertising in unbelievable ways. Online media opens doors offering a vast array of opportunities, including banner advertising and search marketing amongst many others, to the world at large. Virtually all industries have the opportunity to convert much or all of their business online and make use of a variety of interactive tools. The list of opportunities is virtually endless and as limited and boundless as anyone’s imagination can stretch.

Online media is an information based haven for news, facts, entertainment and knowledge. Media published online (e.g. online magazines, marketing, news websites etc) is seemingly ever changing, not simply as a result of technology alone, but also in meeting the customer demands of “new and improved”, continuously holding the attention of viewers anywhere and everywhere. By holding the attention of viewers, businesses have the opportunity to flourish, increasing website traffic flow and keeping it consistent with room to grow.Online media lifts boundaries, in a sense, and opens up the market to include a far greater audience.

In short, online media refers to content that is presented electronically (digital media formats) on websites or servers whereby detail is able to be retrieved through web browsers. Online media is thus a form of electronic communication. Industries currently using online media successfully include journalism, news broadcasters, marketing and advertising, commerce, as well as entertainment (music and film). More and more of these media industries are making the move to online media, reaching a broader and better suited or niche audience.

Online Media Benefits

  1. Keywords – keyword generation technology is constantly increasing the standards, making it possible for marketers to make use of all available avenues that offer a targeted audience the opportunity to locate a business. Keywords easily picked up on, through SEO (search engine optimisation) literally mean easier “location” on major search engines and directories (Google, Yahoo and MSN).
  2. Brand recognition and awareness – maintaining and increasing online visibility through SEO better promotes a business or organisation, and its services or products. Brand awareness increases website traffic and can be incredibly helpful when trying to establish new brands and increase a database of registered users.

Online Media Formats
Convenience is a key factor in the success rate of much online media available at present. Many file formats such as those that cater for online streaming, especially for audio and video, operate by reading immediately, making “convenience” a success. Viewers are able to see and interact with media almost instantaneously. Different file formats, however, operate better on varying types of computers and internet connections than do others.

Online streaming media file format types:

  • Windows media programmes – audio and video
  • QuickTime
  • MPEG – MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
  • Real media
  • MP3

Online Media Marketing & Advertising
Online media marketing is growing and advancing in massive ways across the world. Online media is increasingly growing into a more than profitable industry. Marketing a business online is by far more cost effective than most traditional ways (print, television or radio). The objective of marketing online is to encourage viewers and customers to a website through search engines, email campaigns or press releases. Marketers are able to reach a much broader audience using online media when advertising a product or service. Online takes the guesswork out of whether or not the correct audience is indeed being targeted (reached) as it can be tracked easily and effectively. Online media websites offer the opportunity for marketers to really hone in on their specific audience on a broader scale, advertising where it specifically counts.

Online media marketing can be used because:

  • A company’s sales are doing well and have the potential to grow even more
  • New products are needed to be advertised

In Conclusion
For many years, media mediums (television, print and radio) have steadily moved towards digital display. Advertising has, in particular, taken off in a big way through digital media. Online media is versatile and has enough room for the imagination to stretch. There is a wealth of information and creativity available inonline or digital media. Many boundaries are broken and so much more is available at a viewer’s fingertips, with far less red tape, no matter where in the world they are.


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