What Are The Eligibility Requirements H-1B For Nurses


The USCIS has issued specific requirements for nurses who seek to enter the United States on the H-1B visa. The H-1B petition will only be granted if the position is classified as a “specialty occupation.” This visa classification is highly sought after by nurses because it grants the medical professional temporary employment in the United States for three to six years.

A “specialty occupation” is defined as a “theoretical and practical application of the body of highly specialized knowledge.” Nurses are required to have a bachelor’s degree or beyond in the indicated occupation. If the occupation requires a certification or a license, the license/certification must be presented with the petition for a chance at acceptance. H1B Visa Process Check UT Evaluators

Though a nursing position seems to be a qualifying match for an H-1B visa, a general RN or LPN position does not qualify as a valid position in need of an H-1B for nurses. However, if a state requires at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing to obtain a nursing license, an RN position in that state would generally be considered a specialty occupation.

Eligibility Requirements:

A. Requires an education level of a bachelor’s degree or beyond.

B. Obtain a nursing license by completing nursing program and pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

C. The occupation requires qualifications that are typical of the position within the nursing industry

D. The U.S. employer generally mandates a degree or a foreign equivalent for the position.The position’s responsibilities are so specialized that they are obligated to be fulfilled by a professional with a bachelor’s degree or higher. For H1B Visa Process Visit here

E. RN positions with specialized responsibilities that may be eligible for an H-1B visa for nurses include:

1. Addiction nurses

2. Cardiovascular nurses

3. Critical care nurses

4. Emergency room nurses

5. Genetics nurses

6. Neonatology nurses

7. Nephrology nurses

8. Oncology nurses

9. Pediatric nurses

10. Peri-operative nurses

11. Rehabilitation nurses

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